Welcome to London Pagan Parade

Pagan Pride Parade (London) is the oldest Pagan Parade in the World. It is conducted with the support and approval of local council. We are now entering our 23nd annual event, and have been working to update and refresh the identity of the whole event. This community event is now simply called `London Pagan Parade’.

You are welcome to join this and the parade, no matter which Pagan path you follow (general pagan, wiccan, shaman, Druid, Heathen and more)… or regardless of what other pagan groups/ organisations you belong to (Pagan Federation, Witchfest, Druid network, Centre for Pagan Studies.. and more).

Photos from London Pagan Pride Parade 2018.

Just be mindful of one another’s paths, and be respectful.
We also ask that, while you are open and friendly with one another, do respect personal boundaries and social etiquettes.. and be less intrusive (with photographs for example).

Brief history:
It used to take place as part of the `Beltane Bash’ (2 day pagan indoor festival, held at Conway Hall, Holborn), and managed by Jeanette Ellis. Now a team of people have been working to nurture it and grow it for 3-4 years.

Following the Parade on 2nd June 2013, a facebook group’ was created for bringing the community together, to exchange ideas, coordinate the Parade & related activities – like costumes, Giants, picnic, singing & dance, drumming.. creating banners etc. We also created a formal `organizing team’ .

Update on 2020 event:

We have been planning to hold this year’s annual London Pagan Parade In mid-May. However given the current health concerns in the UK (and indeed the world), the Team of organizers are working to re-schedule this year’s Parade & Picnic to a later point in 2020. We’ll keep you updated – here on our brand new website, and on social media (facebook groups etc).

Bright Spring Blessings